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Glazed Doors


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PUERTAS GISMERO glazed doors are the definitive example of elegance and reliability against the fire with its two profile options designed specifically by PUERTAS GISMERO, a narrow frame of 99 mm and a wide frame of 150 mm.

Like other types of doors PUERTAS GISMERO offers different options of frames and pre-frames depending on the type of project they are used to: new buildings or rehabilitation, to brick wall or light partitions and they allow a total freedom to choose the hardware, accessories, finishes and colours being customizable according to the customer's request and the functional requirements of the building.


Glazed door EI-60 with electric lock (1000 x 2200 mm)
Glazed door EI-60 with electric lock (1000 x 2200 mm) Back side
Glazed door double frame EI-90 (1800 x 2200 mm)