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We achieved for the second time in a row, the adjudication of the maintenance service contract for automatic and firewalls doors and doors of special features of the PRADO NATIONAL MUSEUM (MNP).

After achieving it for the first time in 2019, we feel an enormous satisfaction for having achieved it again three years later, and thus being able to continue carrying out this work of maintaining the special doors for such a prestigious cultural institution. This is thanks to the award of the contracting body of the MNP , in favor of PUERTAS GISMERO SL, through the same open contracting procedure, once the offers submitted have been assessed and the award criteria established in the Specific Administrative Clauses and Technical Specifications have been applied, as it is the offer with the best quality-to-quality ratio price.

@MNP, named Portón-Pasaje by its creator, the artist Cristina Iglesias

This dazzling door is made up of two fixed and four mobile leaves of patinated bronze latticework, weighing 22 tons and extraordinary dimensions, 8.40 m wide and 6 m high, and thanks to an intelligent opening mechanism, the position of its leaves changes six times a day, during the opening hours of the museum, in such a way that, every two hours, a new space is created and a fascinating experience for those who pass through it.

We can therefore say that the facts speak for themselves; it is a spur for us with to continue with the maintenance of doors as special as the one that appears in the image, belonging to the Los Jerónimos building of the @MNP expansión and  named as “Portón-Pasaje” by its creator, the artist Cristina Iglesias.